Right of an appellant to personally address the Appeals Chamber

Notion(s) Filing Case
Decision on Scheduling Order - 05.12.2006 NAHIMANA et al. (Media case)

P. 5: CONSIDERING that no statutory or regulatory provision of the Tribunal allows for the “right” of an appellant who is represented by counsel to personally address the Appeals Chamber[1] but […] the Appeals Chamber has, in practice, allowed for such an option as a matter of courtesy to appellants;

FINDING that the Appellant has failed to demonstrate in the Motion that it is in the interests of justice to allow the Appellant to surpass the time allocated to him by the Scheduling Order for the personal address; […]

[1] See Scheduling Order, p. 3; Decision on Hassan Ngeze’s Motions Concerning Restrictive Measures of Detention, 20 September 2006, p. 7. 

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