Notion(s) Filing Case
Decision Regarding Leave and Extensions - 24.06.2003 KORDIĆ & ČERKEZ

6.         […] A heavy workload in other cases and inadequate resources to deal with them all is not an appropriate basis for seeking an extension of time.  Counsel for the prosecution in an appeal is expected to be provided by the Office of the Prosecutor with the resources necessary to carry the workload in the particular case, and his or her workload in other cases will ordinarily be rejected as the basis for an extension of time, just as it has ordinarily been rejected for counsel for the accused.  Where there are special circumstances personal to counsel in relation to the particular case (be it for the prosecution or the accused), the Appeals Chamber will always consider those circumstances in determining whether an extension of time will be granted.  However, a systemic failure by the Office of the Prosecutor to provide adequate resources for its counsel to do the work which is necessary in the particular case will not be considered.


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